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Keep Your Cool And Recognize What You Have

Attention Niggas Gentlemen: Keep cool when another man approaches/compliments simply reiterates how beautiful she is, if he is disrespectful then you handle your business.

Niggas are constantly victims of their own imagination and pride. You can blame it on our territorial animalistic instinct to protect and defend what is ours. But where we go wrong is treating women as possessions and over-reacting in situations where the woman has no control over. If a man compliments your lady, the mature way to handle it is recognize what you have and appreciate it, because if you dont the guy that just complimented her would be happy to take your place. It is never appropriate to make an ass of yourself by getting mad at your lady. If you are handling your business with her you should be secure with where she is in the relationship.

Now if she is an attention whore who’s self esteem thrives off of negative attention than you should re-evaluate who you are with, why you are with her and if you want to deal with her emotional baggage. Trust me if they are attention whores they have emotional baggage.


Meaningless Apologies

Attention Niggas Gentlemen: “Let’s not rely on apologies to be careless with our actions; apologies become meaningless when the action is habitual.”

Its so important to realize your offending/offensive actions before you can actually apologize for what you have done. If you don’t truly understand your actions, or what’s the underlying issues that prompted your actions how can you be truly sorry? That just leaves the door wide open for you to be a repeat offender. Trust me that is not a title that you want to hold. If you consider yourself a Gentleman then your word is one of the things you should hold true to yourself. Ever hear the saying “A man is only as good as his word.”? Your word must be your bond and your apology is you admitting your fault, and vowing not to let that happen again. Otherwise, your words are falling on deaf ears and is a waist of time.



Call me old fashioned…


I guess you can call me an old head or old fashioned cause I don’t respect these kids style now days. Its like the went back to the past, stole the style and regurgitated it into some suspect non-sense. If there is one person to blame, blame Lil Wayne for this bullshit. Not everyone is a superstar, I don’t care what your parents told you when you was a child. So stop impersonating one by mimicing their every move. And by that I mean skinny jeans. They out here fulfilling every pedophile’s wet dream with these gay ass jeans on. And the neon colors are ridiculous. Is that what girls are checking for these days, the nigga that can match his neon green laces with his skinny jeans? Attn All Skinny Jeans Supporters: You look suspect! Argh! I’m not sayin you have to dress like a gangsta. I’m not promoting that either. I just want you to look somewhat like an adult. Ohh if your getting designs in your head too you in that suspect group as well… I’m gonna start a movement that will provide guidance for the lost souls. Notice I didn’t say “trend” those tend to come and go. Movements are constants, ideals, and have actions behind them. Join me in the “Urban Gentleman’s Movement.”


“I don’t have the bright watch I have the right watch” – Jay Z

Back 2 Business…

You can always spot the Distinguished Gentleman in a room by his time piece. A man’s watch is what a handbag is to a woman. They are staples of  a wardrobe and is to be matched with each outfit.  Believe it or not your watch says a lot about you, your style and your personality. Here is the TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept, the first-ever mechanical movement without hairspring.

Since the creation of the Galileo-inspired hairspring by Christiaan Huygens in 1675, the regulating organ of all mechanical watches has been based on a balance wheel and spiral-shaped torsion hairspring system. With the challenge of temperature diminished by Guillaume’s alloys, the spiral hairspring regulation system came to dominate mechanical movement design. In the TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept, the traditional hairspring is replaced by an “invisible” or virtual spring derived from magnets. TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept, the world’s first oscillator in a mechanical movement without hairspring, beats at 43,200/hour (6 Hertz) — making it a superlative representative of TAG Heuer’s unique mastery of high frequencies and ultimate precision.

Take a look at the additional flicks of the watch. When this drops, I would love to cop this.


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